The Winner Is!

Congratulations to Sienna Ryan-Reid for winning Be-Gnome-ia trail competition.

She followed the clues and discovered the name of each gnome, what a great effort. Enjoy your prize.

About Be-gnome-ia

Our Be-gnome-ia project was conceived to engage children (aged 0-100) and their families in Art with playfulness, interaction and humour at its heart. It is those stories that make us who we are. Gnomes are no different.

As each of the gnomes were hand crafted into existence, they too began to tell us their own unique stories about who they are and how they connect with The Ballarat Begonia Festival.

We hope you enjoy meeting each individual in our gnome community, have a giggle and perhaps find your gnome kindred spirit amongst them. Don’t forget to enter the competition and GOOD LUCK!

About the Artists

We are (on the left of Dirtgirl) Laura Mah BA, Grad Dip Ed, and (on the right of Dirtgirl) Emily Van Der Molen (BA, Grad Dip Ed). We are both artists, art teachers, Mums (and besties) with superpowers in making art education whizz bang wonderful.

We met studying Art at uni, making very similar artworks on opposite sides of the studio, then we both went on to become Art teachers. But it wasn’t until many years later that we reconnected over our mutual love of all things bright and sparkly, and realised we’ve been living parallel lives since the 70’s.

Out of this reconnection our local, community hearted micro business, MAKE Art School was born

Gnome Story

Gnomes are avid gardeners and nature lovers. Each year a group from all over the world make the pilgrimage to Ballarat to take in the wonder of the Ballarat Botanical Gardens during the Begonia Festival. They gather gardening hints and tips, find floral inspiration and snaffle the odd cutting when no one is looking. The diverse bunch of green thumbs officially call themselves the Be-GNOME-ia Festival Tour Group and have been making the trip for decades.

Each year the group’s tour guide has quite the challenge gathering everyone up at the end of the trip and getting them safely back on the shuttle bus, such is their love of our fine city. They instead tend to scatter in all directions and immerse themselves in the beauty of the gardens and the splendor of the festival.

This year, in order to preempt this problem the Be-GNOME-ia Festival Tour guide, Gneil, has requested some assistance to find everyone and report back on the location of each and every gnome to make his job a tad easier.

If you think you can help, please collect the Gnome Profile booklet at the beginning of your visit and EXPLORE the Botanical Gardens until you find everyone, marking down the names of the gnomes beneath each of the gnome descriptions.

Gneil will receive this information at the conclusion of the festival and will sleep much easier knowing his fellow green thumbs have safely made their way home.