Apprentice Display

This year’s apprentice display has been a collaboration of ideas from the Parks & Gardens Apprentices.

“The concept of this display began with a simple idea of turning a real bed into a garden bed. From here we started looking at ways all different kinds of furniture could be up-cycled as garden beds rather than just being sent to landfill.

We chose to grow our own plants for this display, including the Dichondra Silver Falls, Zinnias, Petunias, Dahlias and Coleus just to name a few. We sourced our furniture from second hand stores and rescued pieces from the transfer station.

We hope that as you walk through our display you enjoy the quirkiness of some of its features and maybe even find inspiration in up-cycling some of your own things.”

Bells Water Gardens

Bells Water Gardens are passionate about building ecosystem ponds that are not only beautiful but interactive and provide habitat for wildlife and humans alike.

This years theme is on food and what can be grown in a pond and wetland.  In a similar vein to wicking beds and aquaponics, ecosystem ponds support healthy growth in plants and fish so why not vegetables and fish for the plate? Our pond and wetland display at this year’s Begonia Festival will show how this can be done in anyone’s backyard, adding further value to your garden not only aesthetically, but sustainably using the ecosystem approach.

Floral Art

The Ballarat Floral Art Group showcase their talents with a range of floral art displays. Admire their work as part of this year’s Garden Displays and pick up some of the skills and techniques it takes to create these floral masterpieces.